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Your Driving Lessons

If you are wondering what your driving lessons will involve, then read on!

The First Lesson
The first lesson entails discussing how the car's controls work. We'll cover everything from how to operate the foot pedals to adjusting the seat and mirrors to make sure you are sitting comfortably. The whole process takes around 30-35 minutes and it's a golden opportunity for you to ask as many questions as you wish, however trivial they may seem.

The next 30 minutes are spent practising moving away from the kerb safely and then pulling back in without hitting the kerb, using all the controls gently and smoothly.

After the First Lesson
For each and every lesson, Kevin likes to work to a 'lesson plan'. This ensures that absolutely every aspect of teaching you to drive is covered in detail and that you concentrate on one thing at a time until you have it mastered and are ready to move on to something more advanced.

For example, during one lesson you could be working on left and right turns; on another it could be pedestrian crossings and then another time we could be working on roundabouts. Throughout each lesson we will cover a set programme that will firstly take you through a verbal explanation followed by a guided demonstration and then practice.

Each lesson covers something different so that your tuition programme is varied and your learning experience is an enjoyable one. No one wants to get bored while they are learning!

Kevin keeps a detailed record of each pupil's progress via a specially designed Assessment Form that is completed after every lesson.

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"I began my driving lessons with a so-called "leading" driving school but I was let down really badly. Then I was recommended to Kevin. We got on great from the first lesson. His time keeping was excellent and his teaching methods were easy to follow. I passed my test in September 2008 and now I have my own car and really love driving. I would recommend Kevin to anyone." Nicola Weston; Romford
A Quick Summary of your Driving Lessons with Fingers Crossed Driving School

  • Full one-hour lessons
  • No other pupil in the car
  • Door-to-door service
  • Pick up from home, work or school
  • Fully structured lessons

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